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March’s ‘Magical Realism’ Voting Now Open!

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It’s that time of the month again!! It’s time for your vote to see what you want me to read and review for March’s month of ‘Magical Realism’ on ‘’!

Robert Dinsdale’s ‘The Toy Makers’ published in 2018 by Del Ray publishers follows the life of Cathy Wray, a girl living in London in 1917; a girl running away from a shameful past before she stumbles across ‘The Emporium’, a magical toyshop that possesses secrets of its own.

Stephanie Garber’s ‘Caraval’ published in 2017 by Macmillan USA follows the lives of two sisters, Tess and Scarlett, who live under the thumb of their father until they learn of the mysterious, faraway ‘Caraval’ performance where the sisters long to be included. Will they learn to tread their own path or face being separated from one another forever?

Head over to @thatbookblogger(s) Instagram story to vote now! Results will be revealed later this evening!

Are you excited for March’s reviewing material? If you’d like to make any suggestions for what you’d like to see me review, make sure to leave a suggestion in my ‘Contact’ page.

Happy reading!


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