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February’s ‘Famous Figures’ Review Material Reveal

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Revealing February’s ‘Famous Figures’ review material!! To kick off the wet month of February, I will be reviewing Lucy Worsley’s ‘Jane Austen at Home’ and James Shapiro’s ‘Contested Will’, two historical and biographical accounts of two of England’s (and indeed, the world’s) most influential authors!

Worsley’s biographical account of Jane Austen’s life was published at the bi-centenary of Austen’s death, providing intricate details never before seen into Austen’s childhood and early death at 41 in 1817. The book itself was a Sunday Times Bestseller and has received monumental praise in response of it’s publication.

Likewise, Shapiro’s 2010 piece ‘Contested Will’ received much brow raising as he attempts to delve into the elusive life of Shakespeare, exploring and evaluating the evidence and possible truths of ‘the bard’s’ many conspiracies surrounding his life and work.

Voting will soon open over @thatbookblogger on Instagram where YOU can decide which one of these fabulous texts will be read, evaluated and reviewed.

Are you excited about our choices? If not, make sure you send us a recommendation!

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